Paper Ballots Are Making A Comeback In Bucks County, Pa

– Bucks County officials say they will purchase new voting machines that produce paper ballots and also have them ready for the polls by next year’s presidential primaries. Voters will have another and final chance to see potential new voting machines doing his thing and offer remarks later this month. The Aug. 19 demonstration at the Bucks County Community College Newtown Township campus from 5 to 8 p.m.

This is the third demonstration the county has held since December as officials research the new machines to meet a deadline set by Gov. Year Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvania Department of State last. Wolf set an objective for many counties to change out machines that only used digital memory in favor of machines that made a paper trail by the 2020 General Election. Election security and concerns over hacking were principal motivators for Wolf’s announcement last springtime.

More than fifty percent of the state’s 67 counties have purchased new voting machines because the state established its mandate. Montgomery County rolled out their new machines created by Dominion for the May major. 5.8 million to update to machines that produce paper ballots. 380 million designed for election security nationwide and a 5% state match. 90 million connection to help ease the price burden on counties endeavoring to comply the unfunded mandate.

A General Assembly bill authorizing the governor to seek out financing was vetoed by Wolf on July 5, a expenses Wolf said included changes to the state’s election laws and regulations … Read more

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