How do I produce a button that transmits an HTTP GET demand to a secure URL when clicked? I am creating a web app where a user searches for a camera (located on a remote control network with a dyndns website) and is shown a button to cause a siren on the camera.

When the user clicks the button, they shouldn’t see the page refresh or anything happen (other than the button maybe being impaired). However, I’m uncertain the way to handle when the user refreshes or strikes the trunk button, and the way the internet browser stores the request in its background. I don’t want the user to have the ability to press the trunk button and switch on this request again, or renew the web page and switch on it. Neither if the user be able to save the button request as a bookmark.

Essentially, this event should only have the ability to flames off when the button is clicked, and the button should be handicapped for 30 mere seconds across the entire website (all users should see the button being handicapped). This led to the question: should this be considered a GET or POST demand, and how do you include it via button? Answer : do asynchronously.

This requires Javascript and you’ll find a library like JQuery to ease the creation of this solution. Answer: This is not simple. The Browser to Server communication is taken by the internet browser, not pushed by the server. One option is by using asynchronous Javascript to poll the server so the server and provide an upgrade about the position of the buttons.

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But then you have to take care of the case of a button being clicked on a browser after it has been clicked on another web browser, but before the second clicking web browser got the up to date button condition information in it’s latest poll. Hopefully this answer provides some information that’s helpful. WebSockets seem like the present day solution. If I don’t want the user to have the ability to re-trigger the event upon pressing the back button or pressing the refresh button, how would I handle that?

Also, if the button click routes to the web address on my server /buttonClick/siren, how do you prevent the user from just keying in that url into their browser and still triggering the button event? Thanks for contributing a remedy to Stack Overflow! Please make sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your quest! Requesting help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Making claims predicated on opinion; back again them up with recommendations or personal experience. For more information, see our tips about writing great answers. Not the answer you are considering? Browse other questions tagged python jquery html django ajax or ask your own question.

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