New Airbus A380 1

New Airbus A380

If the project with the Airbus A380 works with perfection, flights is at the boundary of the revolution probably. Some years ago nobody could have considered having your personal luxury room in the middle of nowhere flying at more than 30,000 feet. If it can appear incredible Even, the new Airbus A380 brings the standards of comfort to the utmost, in a manner that the overall economy course is most likely comparable to the business one in many other airlines. Singapore Airlines has created a web-page specially for their newborn plane and they have complemented it with some 3D recreations and videos of the within of the three available classes: economy, business, and suite.

Every single details on board is simply created as to provide the maximum comfort. At the same time, every chair is equipped with an LCD screen where you can watch a wide selection of films and play cutting-edge 3D games. A special lighting system is also set up in order to permit the maximum possibilities as it pertains to the sleeping time.

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Business course, at the same time, provides with wide seats that can be transformed and reclined in a comfortable bed, immediate access to the aisle, and a personal large TV display screen with computer and business software. The suites provide more space and even, specially, the likelihood to be in a completely private environment, with access to the most advanced technology for your comfort and business activities.

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