Are They ANOTHER Great Thing?

Women worldwide are performing a variety of what to combat aging. They want their faces to look like they did a couple of years ago and are trying all types of new technologies to get the look of youth. One of these new systems is being marketed by one of the worlds largest manufacturers of cosmetics; the new technology is the use of nano particles in their cosmetics, in anti-aging wrinkle creams like Revitalift especially. Yesterday SENIORS are actually cosmetic queens.

They are willing to pay a high price to revive a fresh appearance to their skin. No makeup products are so named because they utilize extremely small (or nano) particles to penetrate your skin far more than traditional anti-aging treatments are capable of doing. Nano technology was originally launched to be utilized in man made fibers and therapeutic drugs. Due to the ability of these contaminants to be consumed into pores and skin cells, questions have arisen regarding the long-term ramifications of the chemicals being presented into the physical body.

This is specially an issue if the particles reach into body cells or the bloodstream. Both the British Agency the Royal Society, and the American agency, the meals, and Drug Administration (FDA), have voiced concerns about the utilization of nano technology in cosmetic treatments. These governmental bodies are calling for some serious research into the long-term effects of these makeup products in the makeup products industry, which includes been unregulated since its conception relatively.

The FDA is also looking into the possibility of introducing something which would require scientific studies and licensing within this industry. Based on the FDA, urgent research is required to assess basic safety concerns about any contaminants used in makeup products. The Royal Society is also questioning if the particles are taken into cells, if they can enter the blood stream, and the consequences of the.

The fears arising from the utilization of nanotechnology in makeup products are credited to questions about possible hereditary mutation as a long-term effect. Traditionally, anti-aging skin care products were made to hold wetness in your skin by developing a barrier between the skin and the exterior world. Any contaminants in the new era of makeup products do not work this way. They are made to penetrate the upper layers of your skin and stimulate new skin cell production gives skin a fresh, plump, and youthful appearance. Nano particles make it possible to obtain a large number of chemicals into the deeper levels of epidermis because the chemicals can be covered by the particles.

Many of these chemicals would cause discomfort in other styles and may be stimulating the inner working by irritating from the inside. This is the man cosmetic key to anti-aging and age defying skin care products. Basically, if your use the products, you will definitely see results but you do not know what effects they could have on you over time. This rush to influx the marketplace with over-the-counter anti-aging creams and other anti-aging cosmetics is in answer to medical treatments for anti-aging, like Botox.

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Skin care companies have noticed that people will pay well for products that work due to the number of people who utilize (and pay for) the Botox solution for anti-aging, if it is short-term even. One of the biggest manufacturers, so that they can keep their competitive edge, is leading this race, having patented several dozen nanosomes. A handsome is a particle which really is a staggering 800 times smaller than the diameter of an individual human hair.

Some of the products that they have introduced that incorporates the use of nanosomes include: Biotherm Age Fitness Nuit, Vichy Reti C, and Revitalift Double Lifting. With all the cosmetics industry stable increase in sales (around 10% per year), companies want for ways to draw customers to their door always.

Other companies involved in using nanotechnology in conjunction with makeup products include companies like Dior, Estee Lauder, and Johnson research is ongoing to find ways to use nano particles to prevent hair from turning gray and also for the loss of hair. As the use of nanotechnology in the makeup products industry is quite a trend for both makeup products companies and consumers. This technology as an anti-aging tool does give results but may pose serious health issues, not limited to current generations, but for future generations.

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