Bank Or Investment Company Of America Drives Future Of Digital Banking In 2019 As Mobile Banking Turns 10

Bank or investment company of America today launched an industry-leading person-to-person technology to its award-winning mobile platform, as part of its broader strategy to propel the industry into the next era of digital banking services. “As one of the first banks to provide mobile banking a decade ago, excited to usher in a new period of high-tech we’re high-touch bank,” said Michelle Moore, mind of Digital Banking at Bank or investment company of America. As being a founding member of Early Warning, Bank of America becomes one of the first banks to incorporate the features and advantages of the Zelle experience, an innovative new P2P service, within its mobile bank app.

When Zelle rolls out among all the partner banking institutions later this year, the platform will provide consumers a faster, easier way to receive and send payments in minutes without leaving the security of their own lender. Bank or investment company of America also celebrates its 10-year milestone of mobile banking, which debuted in March 2007. Today, mobile is the most used route, with nearly 22 million active mobile users and more than 3. Per yr 7 billion logins.

Mobile check deposit, launched in 2012, now averages nearly 340, 000 assessments deposited each day, the same as 880 financial centers. Bank or investment company by Appointment, released in 2014, schedules almost 30 currently, weekly 000 financial center consultations, up 117 percent within the last calendar year. The debit lock/unlock feature has 340 nearly, 000 customers using it on a monthly basis after only one year.

The new Spending & Budgeting tool, in January rolled out to all or any customers, has 2 million users already, with 89 percent of them in the mobile bank app. Later this year, the lender shall introduce Erica, an intelligent virtual assistant that’ll be built-into the mobile banking app to continue to help clients improve their financial lives. A bank or investment company of America is one of the world’s leading finance institutions, serving individual consumers, small and middle-market businesses, and large corporations with a full selection of bank, investing, asset management, and other financial and risk-management products and services.

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