Beauty Blog : April 2019

I recently found 2 of Paula Begoun’s best selling beauty books and I am OBSESSED! Ever since I got them I cannot seem to place them down! Don’t go the Makeup products Counter Without Me 9th Edition contains a comprehensive review of a huge selection of beauty and skincare products, what things to look for and which ones are the best for you (Online version of reviews: Beautypedia).

The Original Beauty Bible 3rd Edition is more of a failure of all you need to know and really should know about the makeup products/beauty industry all together, common myths, skin care, makeup therefore much more. Both written books are so helpful, eye-opening and easy reads fairly. I can’t even believe the amount of understanding of skincare I had formed zero idea about. First off, Paula Begoun is not a doctor, a dermatologist or cosmetologist.

She is however incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the wonder industry for many decades. Her books are reliable because they are structured solely on released, peer analyzed and widely accepted research. She also has her own skincare brand (Paula’s Choice). I shall outline some features from her books which were most attractive to me, many of which I about experienced no idea. 1. There is NO such thing as a “Miracle Product”. There is no single product out there that can give you the skin you always dreamed of so stop looking!

Just like eating only broccoli everyday won’t offer you amazing health, same goes for your skin. You’ll want a good skin-care regimen that includes different things that are best for your skin. Also, everyone has different pores and skin so there is nobody product that will work for everyone.

2. Expensive doesn’t always suggest better. There are many drugstore products (E.g. ELF) that Paula rates quite high and many expensive brands that she rates quite badly (e.g Perricone MD, Dr. Hauschhka). Instead, elements/formulations should be considered rather than the price. 3. Its not necessary an Eye-Cream as they are not much unique of regular face creams. You ought to be in a position to use a face moisturizer under your eyes as well. Eye lotions simply allow companies to market the product in a significantly smaller box for double the price!

4. Packaging matters when it comes to skincare products as it significantly affects their effectiveness and stability. Jar packaging should be avoided because many beneficial ingredients can certainly deteriorate or breakdown upon exposure to air or light. Additionally it is unhygienic to repeatedly put your fingers into a product. Therefore, it is advisable to use air-tight, opaque, non-transparent packaging.

  • Glycerin soap base or your selected melt and put soap foundation
  • 8 years back from Summerland
  • Origins Plantidote Mega Mushroom Eye Serum (Reviewed in this article)
  • Eye Primer
  • Replace as many liquid products with powder formulas
  • Soothes Irritating Symptoms
  • Crepey or Sagging Skin Around the Eyes

5. If there’s one thing that Paula highly emphasizes repeatedly, it is the importance of SUN SCREEN, SUN SCREEN and SUNSCREEN! It should be worn 365 days of the entire year and yes even though you are indoors (as windows don’t block out UV rays). 6. That chilling/tingling feeling we sometimes feel when using a certain skincare product (facial cleanser, face mask, etc.) isn’t a indication that it is “working” or doing something good for your skin.

What it actually means is it is irritating your skin and additional damaging it. 7. Likewise, that overly dry/squeaky clean feeling we might feel after utilizing a certain facial cleanser/soap isn’t good and may just be annoying your skin layer. 8. Topical facial scrubs and mechanised scrubs (eg.clarisonic) simply exfoliate the very best superficial layer of skin.