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The concept of Persona is definitely found in marketing as a tool to determine users and user groups. Persona was released as a tool for Software and Web development by Alan Cooper, better known as the “Father of Visual Basic”. For Business Analysts, Persona can be a priceless tool for assisting bridge the gap between clients and developers.

It is important to realize that individuals are diverse. We should understand that all users, including people that have disabilities use our products in different ways. This is because different people use different adaptive techniques, different interaction strategies, different experiences, different expectations, and different preferences. While Persona does not help address all the variations ideally, they do try and draw out all the common traits in the user group and establish a personality predicated on intensive market and data research.

Let us make an effort to better understand a Persona with an example. Rahul is a manager in a recruitment company in Mumbai. He lost his eyesight at the age of 12 in an accident. This impairment has managed to get difficult for him to achieve the degree of success that he has achieved.

He is truly a very determined person doesn’t take no for a remedy and has been working hard to improve his great deal. Besides his work, Rahul also volunteers in an impairment privileges business called GIVE India. Rahul uses the internet at home by using a screen reader to keep an eye on the news and to keep in touch with the people employed in his domain. He has a fast internet connection at his office, however the gradual dial up connection at home coupled with terribly created websites frustrate him. Have a look at these Steps to make a Persona. Persona is helpful in understanding consumer requirements better – especially in Offshore Web Development.

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  • Apr 4, 2019

As business analysts employed in an Offshore Development set up, it becomes imperative for us to make a bridge between client goals and developer knowledge of the project. Developing a persona helps a good deal in this. That is especially important in small to medium-range organizations which have only the voice of a person to listen to while creating a project. Developer can create their applications and its benchmarks based on user preferences rather than on their own.

Persona helps gain a very clear user perspective. After learning and hearing the experiences of Rahul and his work, a developer will be able to realize that creating a website that is highly complex or which includes links placed very close to each other is not recommended. Also having really beautiful colors on the website will never be a very important requirement.

All our lives we have loved to listen and create tales. Nothing helps clear consumer requirements better than making a good story and informing it to the designers. Communicating the stories of our users to the designers and the way the deal with their problems at work and away will help them get a genuine sense of their clients and their issues.