Do Any Other Migraine Meds Cause A FEW POUNDS Loss HOWEVER, NOT Hair Loss?

Do any other migraine meds cause a few pounds loss but not hair thinning? Do any other migraine meds cause a few pounds loss however, not hair loss? I was devastated after finally placing two and two jointly that topamax was what was making my hair loss out, as it first was very gradual at!

I’ve had a lot of luck with feeling better on topamax, but don’t want to be bald! Also, I’ve used other meds because of this or that, and they always say, “only a few people gain a few pounds “. SUBSCRIBE or Login to comment. My doctors told me about Topamax weight loss many years ago when racking your brains on best migraine treatment for me – at the time was underweight from Lupus flare so that it was ruled out. Had not found out about hair loss tho – ugh! Please discuss with your physician as Clarita suggested and let him/her know your concerns about the relative side effects.

I’ve done well with a small preventive dose of amitriptyline at bedtime with no weight gain. Beta blockers are also a choice. Allie49, First of all an extremely warm welcome for you to this MIGRAINES SG- make your good self at home with us. Second yet equally first- wish you find the migraine meds that work best for you with causing the least possible side results, truly! Discuss this with your doctor as he will best advise you as to what you can try to prevent the hair loss yet manage thse migraines best!

If you lose or gain a bit of weight then it really is not the end of the world as long as you eat sensibly. Since Chronic pain have gone up 2 dress sizes yet have managed that for years so have not put on any longer weight. Sometimes we can be too quick to blame the meds without realising that we are comfort eating, or due to pains not working out/moving so to lose the weight, or both as is the situation for many people! Never had hair loss with any migraine med have been on so have no idea about this symptoms to be honest with you.

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Please slim on us all. Hope you shall get many replies. Sign Up or Login to comment. WEIGHT Reduction WITH THYROID METFORMIN or MEDS? Has anyone had success with weight loss using the thyroid medication or Metformin? Does anyone know of any weight loss products that are safe with anxiety meds? Hello! It has been quite some time since I am here.

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