Do You Need Motivation?

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Knocklyon or surrounding areas? Would you like help with weight reduction and beyond? I could help. I am Shane Malone and I am a very established fitness expert in my geographic area. No matter what your requirements are, or what your level of fitness is, I can do everything and anything to obtain to the amount of fitness you want! will you need motivation? Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to lose body maintain and excess fat to muscle?

I will help create a new you! My programs are made to your specific levels and needs. We can make changes that can last you a lifetime Collectively. Your brain is our biggest obstacle, and our will is our biggest asset. You can create and achieve whatever you really want! I anticipate meeting you and helping your reach your goals!

As an individual fitness trainer I abide by a tight code of carry out regarding; Professionalism, Service, Discretion and Quality. An individual trainer is a fitness professional involved with exercise prescription and instruction. We motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. I measure my client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments.

These fitness assessments may be performed before and after a fitness program to measure a client’s improvements in physical fitness. As an individual Trainer I also try to inform my clients in other areas of health and fitness besides exercise, including health and wellness and nourishment guidelines. Whether it’s weight loss or toning you will work towards, a special event like a holiday or wedding, or more intense training for a particular sporting event, I could help. No-one exercise routine to suit all.

Regardless of your actual age, your level of fitness or your targets, I am going to design a bespoke training program to match you as well as your goals, and make sure you carry out the precise exercises properly and effectively. Fitness trainers are experts in both the physical and emotional components of training and know very well what it takes to become a healthier person, and motivate you to achieve your targets. As an individual Trainer I am passionate about getting results and your goals will become my goals.

But our music will go much further and is a lot more effective. We use Theta frequencies (sound waves) that help relax your brain and relieve anxiety and stress – both common causes of emotional overeating. Simultaneously, we use subliminal affirmations to reprogram the emotionally-driven values rooted in your unconscious mind. It is these beliefs that control your everyday diet plan and make you overeat, binge eat, and eat harmful comfort foods.

Have you been battling with your weight for a long time? Do you find weight is easy to put up but hard to reduce? Are you a psychological eater? Perhaps you have tried different weight loss programs but always get back to your old diet plan? Do you struggle to motivate you to ultimately exercise? The main of this battle with food and weight loss is based on your mind.

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And the good news is that you can get over it and get back control with this meditation for weight-loss program. Subliminal affirmations are positive claims recorded below the level of the human being hearing capability. When played through speakers or headphones, these messages reach your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is where hard-wired beliefs about your capabilities and potential are stored. It is just like a huge memory bank. It stores everything that ever happens for you, which explains why under hypnosis people can remember occasions from years back again with perfect clarity often. All your daily habits stored in your subconscious mind, which includes both habits of thinking and the actions you take.

Over time your subconscious has memorized all of your comfort zones and created emotional barriers. Once you try to do anything different or new, or to change all of your established patterns of behavior, it makes you feel and physically uncomfortable and stops you taking action psychologically. For example: as much as you might make an effort to eat just three meals a day, your subconscious mind has information stored that associates snacking on junk food to relieve stress or feelings of anxiety and guilt. Many people fighting weight reduction are kept by negative information that triggers low self-esteem back again.