Fitness 19 Prices & Review (Updated)

Fitness 19 started with the goal of giving customers a simple and affordable fitness center that provides people with excellent services and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. This fitness center has over 120 clubs nationwide, located in 19 expresses in the U.S. Fitness 19 is well known for its great fitness and health services without the significant price.

Fitness 19 began in 2003 and was founded by fitness veterans who wanted to create a health and fitness center that would cater to the needs of the majority of the people – something that traditional health night clubs didn’t provide. Together, Robert Lineberger, Earl Wilson, and Nick Milat started Fitness 19, which have specialized in cardio, strength training, and dumbells.

These three have had their specific experience in the fitness industry, and their combined ideas set up the club’s basic principles. This fitness membership has quickly gained a reputation since it was set up because of its affordable rates. It is now one of the fastest-growing fitness centers in America. Benefits of Joining Fitness 19 / Why Members Like Fitness 19?

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Fitness 19 provides its associates with the latest equipment for cardio workout routines, strength training, and free weights – all without breaking the customers’ loan company. It is affordable and of excellent quality in terms of service and amenities. This fitness center has ample space for different kinds of workouts and classes.

Their workout floor has equipment that were created with the customers’ overall health in mind; in reality, many include center monitoring systems in them. Fitness 19 provides users with professional instructors who’ll guide and mentor them towards their health goals. Only trainers of the fitness center itself are permitted to perform training exercises to members.

Their fitness trainers can also provide one-on-one instructions, designed programs for different types of health goals specially, new workout activities, and other programs for different body types and age groups. Known because of its friendly rates, Fitness 19 offers different kinds of memberships. Annual rates are also designed for members who intend to stay on for some time. All regular monthly and annual rates require an initiation charge.

In case users want to cancel or terminate their account in the golf club, Fitness 19 will not require any cancellation fee. Fitness 19 offers visitor passes for members who wish to introduce someone new to the gym. Guest passes can only be utilized once every six months and is limited to one person.