I started volunteering with Streetside Stories in 1997 when the internship I had developed hoped would turn into job didn’t, and the relationship I’d hoped would last forever, tanked. According to Imagine magazine’s article, “Help Others–And Yourself,” we and British studies show that volunteering is wonderful for your health and sense of well-being. My recently divorced volunteer began volunteering in the winter so when I saw him in the spring at one of Streetside’s general public occasions, he was smiling and laughing–and with a date.

If volunteering feels so good, why aren’t more people volunteering? A scholarly research by the Bureau of Labor Figures, discovered that about 64.5 million people do volunteer just work at least once from September 2003 to September 2004 which the percentage of the U.S. But that may change with the recent outreach attempts for Katrina.

But if a surge of volunteering should occur, to help the indegent especially, african Americans mostly, in New Orleans, it serves all social people thinking about volunteering to examine their motives and the solutions being offered. Next to guns and money,the third largest North American export is the U.S. Mexican people believe that is incomparably higher.

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I am still a HUGE proponent of volunteering, but just as New Orleans can be an opportunity to restore the city it is also an chance to reflect about how volunteers serve. How come the problem I hope to help solve can be found? How do you think the ongoing work I am doing can help?

Are the solutions provided by the organization generated by the individuals being offered and if not, who generated them? What do I want to gain out of this volunteer experience? EASILY am dealing with folks of color (and I am a white person) am I aware of the privileges that I come to my volunteer work with?

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