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The failure to get political traction for the proposal has been subject to a lot speculation and dialogue, however one view is that it centered on penalizing motorists within the state, without giving them anything in return. With the entire proposed revenue targeted on public transit enhancements, and the congestion discount advantages difficult to sell prematurely of pricing, it became simple to rally opposition to the proposal. In short, motorists needed to get one thing back. Now it would seem a brand new proposal is making the rounds, and it does take a step forward in doing just that. The plan is properly described from Mr. Schwartz’s personal presentation from his web site.

He illustrates the basic downside of tolling for metropolitan New York on this picture, which reveals how some trips over key crossings face relatively excessive tolls at peak times, whereas others are free. Lower tolls the place alternate options are poor and congestion is low. Reduce tolls on six other New York metropolitan toll crossings.

1 in areas with poor subway entry. 250 million per annum to operate (including protecting East River bridges upkeep costs), leaving the remaining for transport funding. 50 million on pedestrian/cycle amenities together with three substantial Bridges for these modes from Hoboken, Brooklyn, and Long Island City to Manhatten. The remaining is for public transit subsidies and capital works.

3.5 billion per annum from lowered congestion arising from a 22% reduction in journey time on average in the CBD. There are no doubt different benefits from reduced emissions affecting public well being. Yes. It is a step ahead. It will imply New York would have an extra subtle concept than London, and it offers motorists one thing in return. Partly as a result of the balancing of toll rates makes some sense in targeting congestion, and offsetting the affect the congestion-pricing proposal has on outer boroughs. Thirdly, I am pleased money is being proposed for freeway improvements but dare I counsel another option on high of that.

It is out of the scope of this blog to discuss long-term efficiency specified approaches to highway upkeep, however a brand-new strategy is required to deal to the potholing, rutting and the poor state of many Manhatten roads. 50 million a 12 months on a rolling program of pavement reconstruction and replacement would do wonders for vehicles, trucks, buses, bikes, and pedestrians.

I’d strongly urge that a few of the revenue to be devoted to a special fund for capital funding to upgrade present rights of way. It’s merely a poor quality of service to pay a toll to enter a network that’s potholed and crumbling. Speaking of which, the proposed cycle/pedestrian Bridges is a wonderful method of promoting what are, in the long term, slightly low-value options to the automobile. More cycling and strolling can relieve each of the roads and public transit, and taking a pro-lively approach to those modes is nice for the town.

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How ought to modifications in tolls be assessed? A transparent basis for future modifications needs to be accepted as being necessary. That may imply one thing akin to Singapore’s approach of getting target speeds for charged routes. If traffic usually operates at decrease speeds, it could possibly justify a rise, if it operates at higher speeds, the other.

How will a devoted fund be set up to consolation these paying the tolls? The institution of a hypothecated/earmarked transportation fund needs to be finished in a method to keep away from fears of political hijacking of what shall be an unlimited source of internet income. I’d counsel, an independent arm’s size board be appointed, separate from the MTA, which can assess proposals for the use of revenues from related public transportation our bodies. The concept being that there’s accountability for efficiency, in order that these accountable for large tasks don’t assume they’ll get away with inflating costs, delaying delivery and not offering robust cost-profit assessments of their proposals.