Intermittent Fasting: 8/1/11

This is an extremely common question that individuals ask me. It throws me off a little always. I have been living this lifestyle for nearly 2 yrs now. I am not on a diet. I never really was. I guess after I started I considered it as another diet that I would try to see if I could lose weight. But because the first week, I’ve sensed like I used to be on an eating plan since never.

Diets don’t work. Simple and Plain. I don’t care about the type of diet it is, how unhealthy or healthy the variety. They just don’t work. I know what you are thinking. You are planning, “But I lost 30 pounds on the Atkins diet, that worked.” Well, sure, it could be employed by for one minute.

Until you proceeded to go “off the dietary plan.” That is why people always ask that question. Diets don’t work because diets aren’t maintainable for life. And in order for an eating plan to “work” you have to lose excess weight and keep it off for the rest you will ever have. Only once I halted dieting did I stop struggling. That is why when people ask me that question, I am so thrown off always.

This is typical of women with lipedema. My mom made many of my clothes for me personally while I was younger in order to give me flexible waists. It was the only way to get slacks that didn’t difference greatly at the waistline. I wasn’t extremely extra fat, though I used to be certainly regarded as excess fat by those around me.

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I can keep in mind people staring at or remarking on my legs as a teen. When I was 13, my adoptive father had a heart attack; heart disease ran in his family highly. Although we’d eaten healthy always, our diet got more rigid after that even. We ate low-fat, semi-vegetarian, and rarely had sugar ─ yet I still gained weight. THEREFORE I continued to diet on / off via calorie carb and restriction limitation.

My legs remained heavy even though the others have me lost weight, but in all honesty I never become a “normal” size no matter what I did, and the weight always came back with extra. I started skipping periods occasionally due to PCOS but the PCOS went undiagnosed. I recall being treated suspiciously by the Weight Watcher leaders because I wasn’t losing “enough” weight; they suspected me of laying about my consumption.

But I was very strict and transported a scale with me everywhere to consider my food or carried my own healthy snacks beside me when I went out in an effort to purely control my calories from fat. Still, the weight back came. Weight Watcher weigh-ins became a nightmare. I grew to loathe weigh-ins because of the wisdom I received at them really. I got more and more desperate, and began to develop some eating-disordered behaviors ─ nothing major, but still not healthy, trying to control weigh-in results mainly.