Modest Gain In Q2 GDP Growth Seen

London-based think container Capital Economics needs the Philippine economy to have become by only 5.8 percent in the next quarter, citing the vulnerable production authorities and output understanding as the national budget was exceeded only in mid-April. Consumer spending, however, will remain as the primary driver of growth on the relative back of the continued slowdown in consumer prices, it added.

It observed that the result of last year’s rate hikes proceeds to go through the economy, weighing on growth as reflected in slower bank or investment company lending. Week including the second-quarter economic growth figures Key financial data will be released next, July inflation, June industrial output, June external trade data, and the central bank’s interest-rate decision. In June to 2 Inflation fell sharply.7 percent, from 3.2 percent in-may. “The pace cut by the Fed previously this week in addition has created some deep breathing room for central banking institutions over the region to ease policy,” the firm said.

For Security Bank or investment company Corp., GDP growth stayed below six percent in the next quarter at 5.9 percent from a four-year low of 5.6 percent in the first quarter. Robert Dan Roces, main economist at Security Bank or investment company, said economic development in the next quarter rebounded following a sluggish first quarter. “However, leading indicators suggest and as such Q2 will be unremarkable in any other case,” Roces said.

He added there is reduced authorities spending recommending that the effects of the delayed passage of the 2019 national budget crept into the second quarter. Data showed authorities spending slipped by 2.3 percent to P812.2 billion in the second quarter despite the catch-up spending plan post-elections to mitigate the impact of the delayed budget. “In fact, government spending was at a surplus for April and May, by June and only reverted to deficit, suggesting that the effects of the delayed budget have crept into the quarter,” he said. Roces added the growth in imports of capital goods between April and could be relatively level recommending tepid development in the government’s Build Build Build program.

“Overall, which means that Q2 development will be challenged to attain or surpass six percent, with lackluster Federal government spending continuing to be the main drag; despite a rebound in private usage because of tapering inflation,” he said. Meanwhile, two other groups expect the overall economy to broaden at a faster pace of six percent in the next quarter, supported by strong consumption and government spending. Market intelligence firm IHS Markit said the Philippines is among the countries that can be likely to buck the global growth downtrend.

“Second quarter gross home product in the Philippines is expected to have accelerated from 5.6 percent for an annual rate of six percent,” the company said. In another short, First Metro Investment Corp.It observed the continued deceleration of consumer prices as well as the continual power of remittance inflows. FMIC views headline inflation falling below two percent in August mainly because of bottom results as well as lower food prices.

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