My Leopard Gecko Quit Eating

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He’s usually pretty shy but now once I come on to test him he comes put and walks round. His temps are the place they must be and humidity is okay we use reptile carpet. He has not pooped in days when he usually goes every night at about 7 p m. He normally eats 7 to eight crickets without delay at feeding time.

He’s about eight months outdated. I am almost positive he shed just a few weeks ago however he had no lack of appetite before he shed at any time he has always been actual according to eating and pooping. Back to square one 🙁 (6 days in the past she gobbled 5 pics lightning quick, then she showed no interest 2 days ago and once more immediately. She will be able to see the price, and even went close to them however did not eat. After the 5 price last week, she had a really soft, flat poop. She is performing like a tiger in a cage, going back and forth in opposition to one wall and trying to climb up.

I have a one yr previous gecko and she is not eating. The tip of her tail is turning black and flat. I’m pressure feeding her medium meal worms. She’s going to eat one, then three days later will eat yet another. She showed much curiosity in her crickets yesterday and gobbled up 5 of them. I did not give her any extra as she had not eaten for nearly a month.

Wanted to ease her back to her eight cribs each third day routine. I am very glad – can be calling the vet anyway as she suggested I return next week for one more dose of the worm medicine. The last dose was final week -so that is a two-week gap between doses.

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You want a brand new vet. Reptiles mustn’t have eggs in their stool and with correct treatment they are going to be eradicated. Generally, they don’t seem to be going to be choosy, but some will want one meals over the other. Took her to the vet final Saturday once more – with a stool sample. The vet said she saw parasite eggs in the sample, however that the majority lizards may have some and it is unimaginable to get them all out.

She tube fed her and gave her some drugs – said to convey her again in two weeks for an additional feeding/de-worming. She shed her skin final week and seemed to have eaten quite a bit of that and did poop – so does that mean her system is okay? I can try superiors as they can be found at our petsmart – however they’re about 1.5 inches – hope that’s not too large for full-grown Leo. Is that this frequent for them to start out being choosy about what they eat?

Depending on what you mean by the legs are bowing out, it might be a metabolic bone illness or a calcium deficiency. What are the temperatures of the surface of the tank, as measured by a digital thermometer with a probe? How long have you ever had the gecko? What substrate are you utilizing?

How long has the gecko not been consuming? What foods have you tried? We now have a 3-month-old gecko, he has lately stopped eating. He lays round his tank quite a bit and is nit himself. What ought to I do? She’s been eating rich and mealworms over the last year and a half fairly constantly.

What different insect can I attempt? I have never heard of soaking a leopard gecko to get out of brumation. Again, if the temps are accurate within the tank, there shouldn’t be any motive that that exterior temps are affecting behavior. I might urge you to strive one other feeder insect. It’s now been three weeks since she ate something. The vet informed me to try to get the temp up by putting her in warm water and said that after another week we may want to think about tube feeding.