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So this is my class set up of choice and they are the main element components. 2. A Laptop – My preference is perfect for a MacBook here, but I can understand why some individuals find that luxurious and do not feel they are worth the excess financial outlay. 4. Reflector app – That is a key application that you download onto your laptop.

It then allows you to project your iPad screen onto your computer (and so through the data projector) as it wirelessly receives signals from the iPad’s Airplay function. For those who aren’t acquainted with Airplay, it’s an Apple function which allows one to use the cellular to project audio and eyesight from an iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc have to Apple TV.

For me this enables the best of both worlds. I can use the laptop for any software that’s indigenous to the computer world and very quickly and wirelessly change to the mobile environment of the iPad. This set up is portable so you can use it in any room with a data projector and computer, as as the Reflector app is installed long.

Controlling the projection display screen from the iPad means that you can maneuver around the course and control it from wherever you are. You can store all of your materials on your iPad and use it to do all your preparation / marking etc at home. You don’t need to fiddle with replace or try to find those dreadful IWB pens. The iPad gives you access to the vast range and variety of applications that you just can’t operate on a computer or IWB environment. 12.99 application is greatly cheaper than the cost of an IWB and a lot more versatile.

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You can also use the Reflector application to record display screen activity so you can easily convert elements of your lessons into flipped learning or useful revision. The iPad and laptop set up provides a genuine digital learning environment so digital literacies can be developed, whereas IWB software can be an artificial digital environment which students shall only encounter within universities.

There are of course some downsides to this arrangement. Handwriting on the iPad display isn’t so comfortable even with a stylus and a good whiteboard application (though if you want to try it I would recommend Bamboo Paper). 12.99) a lot cheaper than an IWB. The Reflector application operates through the wireless for connecting the laptop to the iPad, so you may have to have some specific slots open if your IT supervisor has them shut. Reflector application, and to start using an iPad, but given the choice it’s pretty clear. So, now ideally I’ll be getting asked this question much less often. Do post comments and let me know what you think. Could Doceri be the IWB killer?