OverStitch Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Revision Houston TX

While weight-reduction surgery is a superb step toward a new way of living and embracing health and fitness, the reality is that some bariatric patients aren’t in a position to sustain long-term weight loss. Everyone who undergoes weight-reduction surgery deserves the opportunity to accomplish their weight loss goals, and that is why you can expect weight reduction revision surgery.

Our team of bariatric surgeons and experienced, nurturing staff will support your body weight loss goals and work with you to reach your biggest health and fitness. Email us today for more information regarding bariatric revision surgery. There are a variety of reasons why a Lap Band patient may need a revision surgery including insufficient weight loss, putting on weight or a Lap Band not staying in place.

The reason behind Lap Band revisions can range between small to severe, but our team of experienced doctors will create a custom weight loss program that is best suited to your own goals. How Does Lap Band Revision Work? There are a variety of options when having a Lap Band revision, including repositioning the music group or switching the music group to a sleeve; a bypass or duodenal switch for ideal weight loss.

If you are experiencing band slippage, reflux, or esophageal issues, your Lap Band might need to be removed. Am I an applicant for the Lap Band Revision Surgery? If you’re experiencing putting on weight, soreness, or severe symptoms due to your Lap Band procedure, you will likely be a candidate for a Lap Band revision surgery. If you are experiencing severe symptoms you may want a crisis procedure and it is important that you contact us right away. Contact us today to find out more about which weight loss revision surgery is best for you.

One of the most common issues facing those who start gaining weight after their Gastric Sleeve surgery is a stretching of the belly that requires a Gastric Sleeve revision. Fortunately for Gastric Sleeve patients, the procedure to amend stretching of the sleeve is an easy process generally, as reseeding will typically write this matter.

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How Does Gastric Sleeve Revision Work? The first step in Gastric Sleeve revision surgery is identifying with your bariatric surgeon which treatment will best optimize your weight loss. If you have an extended sleeve, it could be as easy as a reserve. Other patients may need a revision that requires a more in depth procedure if their Gastric Sleeve is not enabling optimal weight loss. Am I an applicant for Gastric Sleeve Revision?

If you haven’t reached your bodyweight reduction goals or are experiencing protracted reflux you might be an applicant for Gastric Sleeve Revision. There are a variety of factors that will determine if you are a candidate for Gastric Sleeve Revision and your weight-reduction specialist will help to determine what your best option is perfect for you. Whether you need a process to revise your sleeve to a gastric bypass to improve dysphagia or reflux, or even to a Duodenal Switch to help further weight loss, you can expect several bariatric revision surgery options.

A small percentage of Duodenal Switch recipients need revisions generally due to extreme weight reduction or malnutrition. Doctors and those working in the health and health and fitness field continue steadily to learn more about the relationship between weight loss and nourishment, making the need for Duodenal Switch Revision Surgery uncommon. How Does Duodenal Switch Revision Surgery Work? While revisions because of this procedure are rare, it’s important so that you can e mail us to consult with our bariatric team if you are experiencing complications from your Duodenal Switch surgery.