Post Rehab Blog: Post Rehab Tip #11

A thorough medical history must be completed on each post rehab client. Ask your client each question on the med background form Verbally. Direct interaction with your client allows for a much more accurate health background appraisal and avoids the probability of a medical condition slipping through the cracks. The condition missed in the health background may lead to your client exacerbating an old condition or causing a new injury.

The most significant aspect of the health background is to pay attention. Your client will tell you every medical concern they have but you must listen carefully for the subtle meanings within the medical history interview. The importance and approach to taking a medical history is reviewed in our Medical Exercise Specialist and Essentials of Post Rehab Fitness workshops.

Dinner also needs to be considered a smaller food than it typically is to aid this. Breakfast and lunch ought to be the larger meals because they are the power providers for your entire day and any exercise that you do. Drink a lot of water. Water is the catalyst for every function and chemical reaction in the physical body. If you keep yourself hydrated it’ll help you in many roles such as body-fat loss. You can train harder and longer maintaining a healthy internal environment by keeping up the blood volume reducing pressure on the cardio-vascular system.

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  • 2 times per week

The sodium and potassium concentrations of the muscles will remain well balanced promoting healthy muscle contraction. Wines a lot of water to exercise and remain healthy properly. Adequate drinking water supplies will increase all the processes within the physical body including unwanted fat metabolism. Pasta, bread, buns, oats, cereals, white rice, noodles, potatoes, mash, chips, pumpkin, couscous, polenta, pastry, alcohol, junk-food, snack-food, desserts, pizza, crumbed stuff, batter, oil, butter, sugar, salt, MSG, cheese, fast food and fried food after lunch especially. Salads, vegetables, herbs and fruits of many colours. Fresh, raw, organic and cooked foods. Fish, beef, chicken, tofu, lean lamb, protein supplements and drinks.

Do what is best for your health and enjoy it. Perform your fat-burning cardio exercise first thing each day before you have breakfast. You will see no food in your system to use as energy and the glycogen stores in muscles and liver wont be utilised if the exercise intensity is low (where it ought to be). Glycogen is limited and can deplete leaving fat as the primary fuel. Remain properly hydrated with water but dont have breakfast time until after you have finished your 30 minutes to 1 one hour of cardio.

Fat will be preserved as the dominant gasoline source. Weight training exercise is typically performed with a minutes rest between sets or even much longer around. I think that most people rest for long losing potential workout strength and other possible benefits too. I would recommend 30 seconds to at least one 1 minute and less or none of them often! Increased exercise intensity through continual muscular stimulation whilst fuel stores are depleted.