Signs Of Makeup Allergies

If your makeup is leaving you red and itchy — be it a longtime favorite product or one you’ve just tried for the first time — you might have makeup allergies. Those people who have reactions to makeup products and other skin-care products normally suffer from one of two conditions. The first, irritant contact dermatitis happens when the skin reacts to a substance, leaving itchy patches or a red rash.

This discomfort of the skin is more prevalent than a genuine allergic reaction and can occur to anyone. The next reaction, sensitive contact dermatitis, is more serious, and is a true allergy to an ingredient in a product you utilize. Mild reactions can be treated by avoiding the product that caused them, but also for more serious instances that linger and hinder lifestyle, or seem to be infected, seek medical assistance.

If you have observed makeup allergies, you need to use extra caution when purchasing makeup products. For tips on how to do this, continue to the next page. In case your makeup products have been seated on your bathroom shelf for a while, it might be time to toss them. Old makeup can cause irritation and infections. Powder products are usually OK up to two years. But most of the rest has a shorter shelf life. For example, from the time of first use, toss mascara and liquid eyeliner after 90 days. Replace liquid base and creamy method eyesight shadows and blush after half a year. And don’t hold on to lipstick for a lot more than a year.

When creating your own products, artificial chemicals within most over-the-counter products today are bypassed, making unrefined shea butter one of the very most after natural, basic products searched for. Note: If you’re allergic to other nut products, be sure to check before using shea butter. None of the suggestions mentioned should supplant any medical products or advice.

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