Why The Economy Hasn’t Collapsed Yet

Thank you for your insight. You’ve explained and verified things that I’ve suspected for awhile. I’d like to know what things drive up lease specifically, apart from increased property taxes and more demand because of more folks moving into metropolitan areas, who are unable to afford to buy a residence economically.

Wages are toned, so maintenance people shouldn’t be more expensive. Some utilities are getting more costly, but a lot of landlords don’t provide them. What kind of over head now are landlords facing? In Seattle, where I live, it looks like the real estate market went insane. The town has been bulldozed for condo properties, apartments, and small flats that tend to be smaller than a dorm room.

The justification behind all of this building is that the town needs more “affordable housing”. I think the situation is a scam. The new housing stock can’t afford to be “affordable” as defined by the City Council. They’re also overbuilding, so I believe the banks are certain to get screwed because there won’t be enough tenants to keep up cashflow.

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I believe that the only business loans being granted by local banks around here are loans to programmers. Undoubtedly, the banks have been having problems looking for things to spend money on; just as specific traders have been having troubles finding anything lucrative to invest in. While I am aware the possible reasoning behind the bank loans, I believe it’s suicidal.

I’ve been wanting to know if there could be some sort of federal government mandate that I don’t know about that may be encouraging this type of sudden, runaway, metropolitan development? After all, building is one of the “leading economic indicators” based on the feds. Could this also be a badly considered “jobs program”?

Finally, to increase the clusterfuck, the city wants to upzone the entire city and force developers to add low income housing to their projects. This season they’ve used property assessments in districts that they’ve already upzoned. Yr The unexpected tax increase has skyrocketed in one. It’s enough to make your eyes bleed when you read the notice. Obviously, the increase was made to force solitary family homeowners to sell out to developers.