Pregnancy Safe Skin Care: WHAT EXACTLY ARE My Criteria? 1

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care: WHAT EXACTLY ARE My Criteria?

Pregnancy Safe Skin Care: What Are My Criteria? Yesterday I explained all the new images that I’m going to be tacking on to some of my product critiques. Among the requested images was regarding pregnancy protection, not at all unexpected since I’m the beauty blogging doctor and that is one of my most popular articles.

I recommend discussing this topic with your OB/GYN if you are pregnant, nursing, or considering pregnancy soon. The last time I checked, ACOG acquired no official position with this topic. The AAP doesn’t either. Most women understand this information off their OB/GYN, which info is situated upon what that doctor was taught and what they presently know of the topic.

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  • Sports, especially when the elements is cold and dry
  • Gaia Skin Natural
  • It consists of Manuka essential oil which can protect your skin due to irs anti-bacterial properties
  • 35 drop Tea Tree, 25 dr Lavender, 20 dr Geranium, 20 dr Lemon
  • Baby scrub
  • Rich in vitamin E

As well, these details can change quite a bit predicated on your doctor’s viewpoint toward this subject. I urge one to find a physician who has a practice idea you are more comfortable with and agree with. I published this content for informational purposes only, this isn’t meant to take the place of your physician’s advice.

I am not an obstetrician. I am a pediatrician. So, I look at things from the standpoint of the pediatrician. There are a few common ingredients in skin care items which have little to no pregnancy security data in humans. Generally these are thought to be something to avoid or consider avoiding because we just have no idea.

I put those things on my list. Some physicians don’t hook them up to their list, such as a few of the hydroxy acids. Your physician might become more comfortable with the data about that particular component than I was. I was extremely conservative in my recommendations. Again, I’m a pediatrician, therefore I think about those ideas first.

My OB/GYN was also very conservative regarding these recommendations during my pregnancy. So, things that made my list are items which are on many other lists. Some are items that I haven’t seen on lists but have heard mention pregnancy as a no-no. Laser treatments are the traditional exemplary case of this.