City Of Aurora 1

City Of Aurora

Effective June 23, 2018, businesses that provide massage will need to obtain a Massage Facility License unless of a business type that is exempted by the ordinance. Shared office space can still meet the solo specialist exemption so long as each therapist operating a business has their own business permit and works as a distinct and different business. Everyone who shall throughout his / her business purchase any personal property, with an agreement portrayed or implied to resell the house to the individual selling, depositing or pledging the same is a pawnbroker. All pawnbrokers wanting to do business within the city must first get yourself a license for every location of which such business will be conducted.

1,000, with at least two sureties, or a corporate and business surety, authorized to do business in the condition. The applicant shall furnish such information as requested by the city to establish and confirm his / her moral character as it pertains to doing business as a pawnbroker. Seasonal business means any business, which will be, and is in fact, continued or engaged in by anybody not to surpass 180 consecutive times. Any secondhand dealer who wishes to conduct business in the town must first obtain a license.

Anytime four or more horses, or four or more pack animals can be found on a house, those animals will be presumed to be boarded, or kept for hire to everyone, or elsewhere kept for compensation. Anyone operating a stable in the city is required to obtain a license.

Any person engaged in the business of getting rid of or hauling garbage, litter, rubbish, or other waste within the populous city must obtain a certificate of registration for each vehicle so used. Before any certificate of registration is issued, each vehicle requiring such certificate shall be inspected by the town to determine whether it’s properly equipped for the hauling of trash.

The city shall concern a written statement that the automobile does or will not complete the inspection and shall condition any deficiencies necessary to be corrected on the vehicle. In Aurora, anybody or company performing tree work for hire must have an Arborist permit and a business permit. Arborist licensing is implemented through the Forestry Division.

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