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Beauty And More By Pilar

Today’s post is very hard for me to create. Friday night time I spent hours in the ER due to an anxiety attack and high blood circulation pressure. I strolled in the ER feeling helpless and in tears completely. Truth be told I was in hysterics. I felt like I couldnt breathe I started hyperventilating then.

I thought I was going to provide and distribute. The world around me became shut in and I didn’t know very well what to do. I published about emotional personal care a couple weeks back, and I understood that this previous week I haven’t been doing that. I’ve distributed a few of my personal problems over the last few months. Evening I experienced like life just became too mind-boggling Friday. The nurses were very concerned and caring, however the doctor I put was rude and uncaring. He was most concerned with the shift changing and prepared to leave. He had the mental medical adviser talk to me that was also very little of a help.

She was very kind, but not helpful. I have a BA degree in mindset therefore i know how these exact things go. They didn’t get my blood circulation pressure down, and basically sent me on my way with a cup of water that asked all night ago and only received while i was on the point of leave. I experienced just as badly as I did when I remaining the ER as I did so while i first got there.

  • Find a Counselor
  • Beauty and Personal Care Packaging in Turkey
  • Maltobionic acid solution/PHA alleviates appearance of crow’s ft
  • KATE eyeliner brush (cut into an angled brush by me)
  • Refrigeration is not necessary

Life, people, family everything is overpowering right now. I mean everything. My mom is always my support and I’m pleased she’s helping me through this hard time. I want to thank everyone that still left me such kind words of encouragement and concern on Instagram. You’re comments haven’t gone unnoticed and I must say i appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

I feel thankful for all my makeup clients that understand their cancellations for the upcoming week. I will be back to creating your makeup looks very soon. As I mentioned in my own 6th Blogiversary Post, I will be going for a social media break. I took this picture in the ER, showing the realness of anxiety. Anxiety is real, unhappiness is real. Mental health issues are real.

As you can view I’m still very visibly upset. Please be kind to people. I’m unsure of when I’m going to be back on social media. Maybe a week or even more. At this time I’m uncertain. I will be back again though. I don’t want to place anymore pressure on myself than I have to. Morning I drove to Lake Murray and parked to clear my brain This. I’m still having anxiety and depression, but I find peace here. Trees are supposed to symbolize a fresh start. So here’s to new beginnings. Talk with you all soon.

Time 10:30 AM. The count is zero to two and off we go now. Since this fish was landed near the top of this pool I decided to fish the low end. Lines are stripped out on the fast side, and when all were away, I slipped down 50 feet to put the plugs right above the large rocky tail-out and started sweeping left.

The plugs only fish effectively for one or two minutes because the back-eddy catches them and moves them upstream. After one sweep no hits, I take to one more time. Lines are brought in and let out again. I again make the sweep. The plugs are coming into the slot when line one doubles over with a fish. Secs fishing rod three does the same later.