Participants Were Treated To A Dance 1

Participants Were Treated To A Dance

The School of Business’s Play It Smart program has wrapped up after a successful year of community outreach, thanks to a tireless army of Centennial volunteers with their hearts in the right place. Play It Smart concluded on March 29 with a boisterous party involving the children and their parents, as well as pupil faculty and volunteers, at the Progress Campus Student Centre.

Participants were treated to a dance, talent show and even a PowerPoint display on 9-year-old young man constructed about Play It Smart. The pilot program offered a mix of school tutoring in English, math and science, as well as some basketball house and instructions league play on the professional court at Ashtonbee Campus.

Each Sunday, the kids received 30 or 60 minutes of tutoring in a subject they experienced they needed help in, and then your instruction shifted onto the wood for a half-hour of golf ball training and a half-hour of house-league play. School of Business Professor Vern Kennedy borrowed the idea from his friend Claude Nembhard, that has coached golf ball to kids in North York and York Region. Centennial’s participants came from the Malvern community in northeast Scarborough.

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The youth were bused from the Malvern Town Centre to Ashtonbee (the Progress DEL Gym is closed for redevelopment) free. Vern was able to get some corporate and business sponsors involved, including Canadian Tire and Boston Pizza, to help defray costs. Vern, who teaches marketing and advertising, says introducing young people to Centennial now can help them feel less intimidated to try post-secondary education in the future if they’ve already experienced a positive experience on campus.

The outreach program is also an effective way to have Centennial become better known locally. Vern credits the School of Business staff, including Dean David Professors and Johnson Linda Donville, Les Scott and Miscampbell Abraham for training the logistics of the outreach project. Verns says plans are already in spot to continue Play It Smart this fall, thanks to ongoing financing and support from the CCSAI and the grouped community.

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