Mum's Baked Ham 1

Mum’s Baked Ham

I didn’t look after ham growing up. It had been always either the luxury spiral ham for a special occasion, or the canned ham you opened with a key. Then I got married and had my mother-in-law’s ham. As I previously have said, my mom in rules was an amazing cook. I doubt very highly there is anything she couldn’t prepare and cook well (my husband mentions living organ with distaste, but I don’t believe anyone can make liver organ palatable unless you enjoy it). She made the best ham I’ve tasted ever, and it wasn’t one particular expensive spiral or fancy hams.

It has a bone running right through it, which is why it’s probably cheaper than the fancier hams. I say cheaper, but I have pointed out that as this slice has become popular – as people are uncovering how much better it tastes – the more expensive they have become. I never used to pay this much because of this kind of ham!

The secret to attaining a mildly salty ham is to boil it for about 1 hour. Put it in the biggest container you have, I’ve a 9 liter Dutch oven from IKEA and boil it, covered. This removes much of the sodium from them ham. If you omit that step it shall not taste right. Also, by boiling it you can decrease the roasting time as the ham is being cooked by you as it boils. Remove your ham from the plastic wrapper, however, not from the netting (if there is netting).

Place the ham in a container bigger than the ham, preferably a container greater than the ham. Add cold water to the pot, seeking to cover as much of the ham as it can be without the threat of boiling over. Bring drinking water to a cover and boil. Reduce heat slightly to keep a rolling boil without boiling over.

Boil for about one to two 2 hours, depending on the size of your ham. During this period, change your ham over so that both sides even boil. When finished boiling, take away the ham from your water – keep the water for boiling potatoes if you are doing roasted potatoes. They have a richer flavor when boiled in the ham drinking water and roasted in the ham drippings. Remove the netting from your ham and place in a sizable roasting pan, pores, and skin and fat part on top.

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I cover my pan in foil so I need not scrub away at it after use, it creates tidy up so much easier. Remove the epidermis from the fat and either discard or place it in the skillet to make pork crackling (which noises disgusting but it’s tasty!). Remove a few of the fat, leaving a thin level on the top.

If making roasted potatoes in the skillet, place the removed fat in the bottom of the skillet to melt as the roast cooks. Score the top of the body fat in a gemstone pattern (make slashes front to back again diagonally on the extra fat, convert the ham and repeat the other way).