Tax And Accounting Tips 1

Tax And Accounting Tips

Approximately two-thirds of U.S. Beginning with New York in 1986, lots of jurisdictions that impose a genuine estate transfer tax now require taxpayers who engage in these types of transfers to pay the taxes. The imposition of taxes occurs when the transfer is deemed to be an indirect transfer of possession in real property, if a deed is not recorded even.

Jurisdictions that have adopted this process to treat transfers of the controlling fascination with a legal entity, like a corporation, as taxable exchanges of real property. A taxpayer is often considered to have transferred a controlling interest if more than 50% of the ownership fascination with the legal entity is transferred to a fresh owner. The list of legal entities is inclusive and includes trusts and single-member limited liability companies usually. Since there is no reference to federal tax concepts in these statutes, practitioners who are used to treat entities as disregarded for federal tax purposes must regard them for purposes of applying these concepts.

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States that take a broad approach generally tax exchanges of the controlling interest in an entity that possesses an in-state property. Jurisdictions that adopt this approach can and do impose taxes in connection with business acquisitions, mergers, stock sales, or other changes in a legal entity’s ownership. This sort of approach can be a shock for taxpayers who are more familiar with the original transfer tax ideas. States that have a more narrow approach taxes a transfer of a managing interest only in situations where the entity being moved is primarily in the business of owning real estate.

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