The Economy Can Sustain Higher Public Investment 1

The Economy Can Sustain Higher Public Investment

There is an oft-repeated comment that tries to lift in the sagging morale of an individual. In today’s media-based networking, the “Think Positive” advice has gained immense popularity. It has gained its unique space in the managerial teachings in colleges solidly, motivational discourses and Behavioral Economics. To use this term while taking a look at the current state of the industry noises without any debate.

But it brings back again the immediate need of doing a critical analysis of the reasons for the decline and prodding us to strategise so you can get over the problems. And the implementation of these strategies needs to be pursued with dedication and commitments. One way of evaluating the financial performance is to compare the lowest growth periods and take lessons. Get live Stock Prices from NSE and BSE and latest NAV, stock portfolio of Mutual Funds, calculate your taxes by TAX Calculator, know the market’s Top Gainers, Top Losers & Best Equity Funds. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Wages are kept low and companies are attaining record margins. Money keeps growing faster for shareholders than wage earners. Maybe that is why inflation for everyday items are low. But we might soon see inflation of financial property, such as bonds and equities. But it has to be quality financial assets.

67 trillion) is equities. 371 trillion in 2020. That is clearly a realistic 6.5% annual increase. However, the report stresses that developing countries do not invest in equities nearly as much as developed countries. This is an incident of distrust of the equity marketplaces and less sophisticated equity markets in those developing countries. But I think good equity marketplaces are essential for an advanced economy. Now could be only 7 years to 2020 and how could it be playing out for China?

Well, either the article is off the tag, or the China market will explode, or the Chinese will have to spend money on bonds or other alternatives, or they will abroad have to move money. I feel the latter will be a large factor; that is, they shall invest increasingly more in real estate overseas, as well as bonds and equities abroad.

If they are restricted from moving money abroad, they shall face lower profits. You can view this in the low returns of the currency markets, bank deposits and the high price of real estate in China. And when they move money overseas, they want more to protect capital than generate cash flow rather. And China isn’t the only developing country with growth and reform issues, as we have seen from protests in Turkey and Brazil.

So my conclusion here’s that the arriving five to ten years will see a resurgence of asset ideals in developed regions of the world; i.e., THE UNITED STATES, Japan, and Europe. And predicated on this I think the CAPE (10-year PE) of the US markets can remain above average for another five years. But considering the fundamentals of the united states, I don’t start to see the market heading 20% higher in the next couple of years. But, I also don’t visit a prolonged correction soon.

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