Will Mackay, Managing Editor 1

Will Mackay, Managing Editor

Global News is the international news and current events division of the Canadian global television network. If you liked this write-up and you would like to obtain extra details concerning Global News kindly pay a visit to the page. Corus Entertainment controls the network. They manage all local news content at its stations, as well as the owned-and-sourced content across the network. Five international TV channels are also owned and operated by the company. It was established in Canada in 1998. In 2001, it launched its first American television channel.

The goal of Global News is to provide an in-depth analysis of major events of the day through the lenses of a seasoned journalist and Source Webpage a freelance writer. Managing Editor Will Mackay is based in Toronto, Canada and has worked at the International Herald Tribune, the Globe and Mail, the Financial Times, and the Toronto Star. In 2000, he joined Global News and was promoted to the position of associate managing editor. He is currently based in Vancouver (British Columbia).

Global News offers a range of multimedia products. You will find many photo galleries on their website, along with biographies and information about each image. You will also find links to news agencies all over the globe, including CNN and The Associated Press. This link-up allows viewers to go directly to a news organization’s site when they visit Global News’ website. This link-up is an excellent tool for media professionals to maximize online exposure and increase web traffic.

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Global News multimedia producer Will Mackay previously worked as a journalist and multimedia producer in a variety of Canadian magazines. He is an experienced business person with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Ottawa. Will was previously a multimedia producer assistant and reporter for the Canadian magazine “Thought for a Moment”. Will is married and has two children.

Global News covers every aspect of global news. Global News has correspondents all over the world, including in India, China and South Africa. In addition, they have correspondents for the Asia Pacific region and North America. Because Will is familiar with the cultures and issues of these countries, he brings expertise to Global News. He is fluent in multiple languages and can adapt to any media format that is required for Source Webpage his assignment.

Global News takes pride in its coverage not only of domestic events, but also of international events. Their first concern is foreign correspondents. They have correspondents in China (India, South Korea), Japan and several European countries. Because of his experience in India and China, Will Mackay has a unique perspective on the issues. Will has lived and worked as an Indian expatriate and is well-versed in the culture and people of India.

Will is a graduate of Ryerson University in Canada, and has a bachelor’s degree in journalism. His career began as a junior photographer for the Canadian Press, before going to jobs in New York, Los Angeles and Sydney. He has had diverse experiences as a video producer, writer and freelance journalist. Will has been a Canadian House of Newspapers editor and has written feature stories for news agencies in Canada as well as the United States. Will is now a senior journalist with Global News Network.

Will has lived and worked in Beijing and Tokyo, India, Seoul, Tokyo and India. He now covers the Middle East at Global News. You should contact Will if you reside in any of the following regions. Not only can he help you find local news sources, but he’s also equipped to deliver global newsgathering digitally. Will is an experienced multimedia producer and reporter, so he will make sure the content reaches your target audience. Contact him to learn more about covering the region you would like to write about.

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